Newly launched “zipments for you” makes life just a little bit easier

Offering customers 5 same-day deliveries for $5 each, zipments for you kicks off with a great promotion starting today through February 28, 2014

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 29, 2014 – has launched a new service that makes life just a little bit easier. zipments for you allows anyone to get what they need delivered wherever and whenever. From a forgotten power cord at home or prescription delivery, to picking up that perfect Craigslist find, zipments is a time-saver for busy mothers, small businesses, car-free people and hard-pressed professionals.

Filling a hole in the market where traditional courier and delivery services operate five days a week and only during business hours, zipments for you offers delivery every day of the week from 9 am through 9 pm. In addition, by putting the recipient in direct contact with the courier, deliveries can be made anywhere and changed or updated at anytime. Whether it’s a delivery to a coffee shop, park or airport, anything is possible.

“Because of our ability to connect with the recipient, our team has a higher delivery success rate than other traditional courier services,” “says Robert Safrata, CEO of “Unlike other existing courier services offers a simple process to open personal accounts, the ability to sign up and order on the same day without requiring a credit application, and has eliminated premium rates for deliveries after 5pm and on weekends. Lastly, do not require a minimum monthly billing. We are committed to making local deliveries more efficient, convenient, cost competitive and personable. It takes only three minutes to open a account that you can use once a week or once a year.”

Taking advantage of the sharing economy in the same way as AirBnB, Craigslist and DogVacay, a team of Lifestyle Couriers fulfills deliveries. Made up of a combination of independent courier companies, part-time couriers and qualified individuals who have the time to make some extra money, all zipments couriers are recruited, trained and vetted, with a commitment to best-in-class service.

How people can use zipments for you is unlimited. Some ideas include:

  • Picking up the cell phone that was left at home.
  • For those unable to get to their Canada Post Superbox, set up regular pick up with a courier
  • For a Valentine’s Day surprise worthy of attention, arrange for a picnic basket of champagne, chocolates and flowers to be delivered as you sit with your loved one at the beach

To kick off zipments for you, is offering a promotional price of $5.00 for deliveries within 5 hours anywhere in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver from January 29 through February 28.

For the month of February, users are also invited to share how they used zipments for you by posting their story and picture on Pinterest at or Facebook at  or Twitter at and including #zipforyou in the posting. One winner will be selected to win two free deliveries a month for 12 months and an iPad mini.

About uses technology to make local deliveries more efficient, convenient, cost competitive and personable for retailers, shoppers, businesses and residents. With a deep commitment to a clean planet, local commerce and thriving communities, is the most comprehensible solution for local, same-day delivery. For more information, call (778) 834-3610 or visit, @zipmentsca.


11 thoughts on “Newly launched “zipments for you” makes life just a little bit easier

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