Heart-Warming Surprises with SaulGood

valentine SaulGood

As a business, choosing the right suppliers is much like choosing the right life partner. You need to make sure that you share the same values, that they’re someone you can trust, and that you get along and are compatible. Picking the right supplier will allow your business to equip itself with the tools needed to grow and prosper.  Selecting the wrong supplier though can lead to frustrating delays, upset customers and shrinking profitability.

Saul Good Gift Co. is one of Vancouver’s leading gift basket companies. In operation since 2006, Saul Good is a thriving business that delivers thousands of gifts annually. At the very heart of Saul Good Gift Co is supporting the local community and to offer an amazing experience for its customers. In everything it does, Saul Good looks to surprise, delight, and give back, support and contribute to a thriving local community.

While the bulk of Saul Good’s deliveries are sent to businesses, some are residential. Whether it was through a multinational courier company or even a local traditional courier company, Saul Good was frustrated by the less than optimal gift experience that they were able to offer for residential deliveries.

“Firstly, almost all the couriers that we used in the past only worked 9 am until 5 pm, so we were limited as to when we could make residential deliveries. Secondly, most of the time, no one was home to receive the package. Because these deliveries were unexpected, the recipients weren’t able to provide information on where to leave the package or exactly when they would be home to receive it,” notes Saul Brown, Founder and Chief Story Officer for Saul Good Gift Co.

Looking for an alternative, Saul happily discovered zipments.ca. As with all of his suppliers, Saul looked carefully into what we are all about to ensure that their values were in line with ours. Being local in nature, as well as our steadfast commitment to the community and to environmental sustainability, we were a natural fit!

Our first test came over Valentine’s Day when Saul planned to deliver gifts to his top 40 clients and partners throughout Vancouver using zipments.ca. Unlike traditional couriers where the successful delivery rate is low, all the deliveries were made successfully and everyone was thrilled! Whether it was valuables or perishables, having the courier be able to connect with the recipient directly made a huge difference.

“Working with zipments helps us give that added touch of care and consideration when making deliveries that’s so often lost when shipping with multinational carriers. It’s refreshing to work with forward thinking companies like zipments.ca”

With this, Saul Good can feel comfortable about their relationship with zipments.ca and concentrate each day on doing what they do best – making people happy.