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A conversation about wellness, local and men’s love for body scrubs

We are happy to announce that Greenaby Body Care is now offering same day / next day delivery options for their customers.

 Greenaby Body Care is an online boutique specializing in truly green, natural and organic body care products that are good for you and the planet.

We talked to founder, Ann Danilevich, about how Greenaby started and about its productlines.   (


Z: What got you started with Greenaby?

AD: I have always been into the concept of wellness.  I started with food, as a vegetarian, and started eating more and more local products.  From there, I started to pay more attention in the other parts of my life, trickling into body care.  The more I found out about toxins that are being put into our regular skincare products, the more effort I put into looking for better options.  I have always had an entrepreneurial bent from even when I was young and I have always wanted to work for myself so that is how Greenaby evolved.  I felt I was doing something good, providing a service that was needed and giving people access to products that are good for them.  Greenaby is the one-stop shop for all the fantastic products we have sourced.

Z: Where do you source your products?

AD: We scout the most luxurious, natural, organic, and sustainable products from innovative green beauty brands and make them available in one place.  All products sold by Greenaby are 100% Canadian, of that 70% is sourced locally and the rest from Eastern Canada.  Greenaby provide men’s and women’s body care for the whole body.

Z: What are your Favorite products? 

AD: It is hard to have favorites but I am very excited about a new product we are introducing, Lucy in the Sky De-odor-cream.  It’s a natural deodorant with a refreshing lavender undertone.   For your skin, the Argan + Frankincense serum works wonderfully.  It helps rejuvenate and restore your skin.  I use it every day.  And, to clean the face, our herbal clay cleanser is a great alternative to soaps.  It can be used as an exfoliant or a face mask.

 Z: What about Father’s Day?  Any suggestions?

AD: I know this is hard to believe by men actually enjoy body scrubs.  There have been many women who have told me that their partners/husbands have enjoyed the body scrubs so much that they end up using most of their supply.  Other suggestions would be our beard oil or manly handmade soaps.

Order now from Greenaby and we offer same-day/next-day delivery services in the greater Vancouver area. 



For the one who has always been there…

This #FathersDay, let‘s not forget the one who always shows up for us.

From the first recital to the last heartbreak and every ball practice in between. Through thin and thick, he stands by our side quietly (or sometimes obnoxiously too loud).

He taught us the importance of a firm handshake. To act with dignity and respect. To be patient, especially behind the wheel. And to never NEVER leave the spoon in the microwave. He repeats stories that feel longer than How I Met Your Mother with a humor that’s no better than Ted’s.  We were grounded, yelled at and loved by a man whose many life advice we don’t always care to listen to.

Well Dad, we heard you, and we thank you. Thank you for always showing up…

But sometimes unshaven …


Greenaby shaving kit


“Sure! I love the chemical smell of shaving creams fiddling with flesh-cutting razors and aftershaves that irritate my skin!” – said no one ever. Make Dad’s routine more enjoyable with this Shaving kit from Greenaby. Handmade shaving soap with all natural ingredients: Castor and coconut oil, Fair trade shea butter, olive oil, hemp oil, avocado oil and Kaolin clay. The kit also include a natural bristle brush, and pine tray to make your soap last!   (

Turn that morning frown upside down Dad!

Maybe a little late …


go to mec

Surely this is not just a watch that keeps time. It’s also a little ‘nudge’ to say “Hey Dad! Remember that New Year’s resolution you made?” This running watch from MEC will have all the bells and whistles to crush excuses before they even enter his mind. He’ll want to go for a run just to try it out.

  • Stopwatch with elapsed time, lap time, and split time. Memory capacity for up to 121 records.
  • Best lap time screen.
  • 2 countdown timers allow for interval training that alternates between 2 different paces.
  • Auto-repeat function for timer (timer-to-timer, 10 repeats).
  • 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm. (for those mornings…)
  • Hourly time signal (So he’ll never be late!)

Let’s toast to a year of “no more excuses”   (

Sometimes hungry …

Saul goods

The Locavore from Saul Good features a mix of the best of treats, savory and sweet handpicked by BC locals. Why not show Dad how the artisan delicacies can indeed be better than those hot wings. Get creative with Fig & Walnut Wine Preserve for a fun cooking session with Dad.  (

Always Loved…


Why not throw in some chocolate for good measure. Especially when Bourbon Whiskey Truffles from Purdy’s can guarantee to add a kick to any celebration. (

Happy Father’s Day! Be sure to share your stories with us at @zipmentsCA

If you purchase from any of the above retailers,  they offer zipments same-day/next-day delivery services in the greater Vancouver area. 

Unique Mother’s Day gift for every budget

This Mother’s day, think outside the (chocolate) box!

Sometimes shoes are so beautiful we just want to admire them... especially when they are made out of premium milk/dark/white chocolate!
Sometimes shoes are so beautiful we just want to admire them… especially when they are made out of premium milk/dark/white chocolate!

Our mothers deserve something beautiful, unique and handmade … well maybe not by us. For the less crafty amongst us, whose latest creations wind up resembling the Pinterest Epic Fail list rather than our well-intentioned rainbow cake, we’ve got the answer for you!

Xoxolat has combined every woman’s two favorite things: chocolate and shoes. The result is beyond stunning! Every shoe is made out of premium dark, white or milk chocolate, and decorated by talented in-house artists. Price range from $35-$55, you can even get one custom made! Maybe her favorite Louboutin?

This year, why not let the professionals do the crafts? We can keep exploring our creative side… outside the kitchen.

A touch of rose brings elegance, femininity, and timeless beauty to everything. No that's not too much to describe this gift basket. Wait until you try it.
A touch of rose brings elegance, femininity, and timeless beauty to everything. No, that’s not too much to describe this gift basket. Wait until you try it!

We’ve all seen ‘The toughest job on earth’ (if you haven’t, stop reading this and watch it here right now!). This Sunday, let her take a day off from being mom. Pick up a copy of her favorite book and let her unwind with some tea while you take care of the chores.

For this special day, we can’t have just ANY tea! Step up the game with this Organic Earl Gray from Granville Island Tea Company. Sweeten with some local honey from the famed Honeyview farms. Pair it with rose petal scones and champagne jelly and cream. All this decadence wrapped up in a basket from Edible Canada for only $55.

THIS is what the #vancouver foodies want, crave and seek. We tried it, and now we know why.
THIS is what the #vancouver foodies want, crave and seek. We tried it, and now we know why.

Here’s a universal truth all children can agree on: Mothers are not picky eaters.  From cold pasta to the crust that must be cut off our PB+Js, moms have had enough remains from our plate that we’d have never known her foodie side.

Now it’s time to make up for years of leftovers! Inspired by the 100-mile diet, Saul Good’s gift baskets showcase some of BC’s best-loved artisan products. A best seller ever since its creation, Local Gourmand features a variety of gourmet items guaranteed to satisfy the finest palates. Damsom Plum Jam, Fig & Walnut Wine Preserve, Vanilla Salt Caramels, and Sun-Dried Okanagan Cherries, just to name a few. Cost: $108

And we know you are busy, so we are offering same-day deliveries from all the retailers mentioned above, in Lower Mainland.

Spot anything else extra special for mom? Comment below and let us know, so we can arrange to have your perfect gift delivered!

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Heart-Warming Surprises with SaulGood

valentine SaulGood

As a business, choosing the right suppliers is much like choosing the right life partner. You need to make sure that you share the same values, that they’re someone you can trust, and that you get along and are compatible. Picking the right supplier will allow your business to equip itself with the tools needed to grow and prosper.  Selecting the wrong supplier though can lead to frustrating delays, upset customers and shrinking profitability. Continue reading Heart-Warming Surprises with SaulGood

zipments for you Hits the Streets!

It was a typical cold and rainy Vancouver winter’s day when the caffeine-fueled team hit the streets for the grand launch of zipments for you – our new service that allows anyone to get what they need delivered the same day, wherever and whenever. Available 7-days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver, zipments for you is our answer to help make your life easier. Continue reading zipments for you Hits the Streets!

Newly launched “zipments for you” makes life just a little bit easier

Offering customers 5 same-day deliveries for $5 each, zipments for you kicks off with a great promotion starting today through February 28, 2014

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 29, 2014 – has launched a new service that makes life just a little bit easier. zipments for you allows anyone to get what they need delivered wherever and whenever. From a forgotten power cord at home or prescription delivery, to picking up that perfect Craigslist find, zipments is a time-saver for busy mothers, small businesses, car-free people and hard-pressed professionals.

Continue reading Newly launched “zipments for you” makes life just a little bit easier

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