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A conversation about wellness, local and men’s love for body scrubs

We are happy to announce that Greenaby Body Care is now offering same day / next day delivery options for their customers.

 Greenaby Body Care is an online boutique specializing in truly green, natural and organic body care products that are good for you and the planet.

We talked to founder, Ann Danilevich, about how Greenaby started and about its productlines.   (


Z: What got you started with Greenaby?

AD: I have always been into the concept of wellness.  I started with food, as a vegetarian, and started eating more and more local products.  From there, I started to pay more attention in the other parts of my life, trickling into body care.  The more I found out about toxins that are being put into our regular skincare products, the more effort I put into looking for better options.  I have always had an entrepreneurial bent from even when I was young and I have always wanted to work for myself so that is how Greenaby evolved.  I felt I was doing something good, providing a service that was needed and giving people access to products that are good for them.  Greenaby is the one-stop shop for all the fantastic products we have sourced.

Z: Where do you source your products?

AD: We scout the most luxurious, natural, organic, and sustainable products from innovative green beauty brands and make them available in one place.  All products sold by Greenaby are 100% Canadian, of that 70% is sourced locally and the rest from Eastern Canada.  Greenaby provide men’s and women’s body care for the whole body.

Z: What are your Favorite products? 

AD: It is hard to have favorites but I am very excited about a new product we are introducing, Lucy in the Sky De-odor-cream.  It’s a natural deodorant with a refreshing lavender undertone.   For your skin, the Argan + Frankincense serum works wonderfully.  It helps rejuvenate and restore your skin.  I use it every day.  And, to clean the face, our herbal clay cleanser is a great alternative to soaps.  It can be used as an exfoliant or a face mask.

 Z: What about Father’s Day?  Any suggestions?

AD: I know this is hard to believe by men actually enjoy body scrubs.  There have been many women who have told me that their partners/husbands have enjoyed the body scrubs so much that they end up using most of their supply.  Other suggestions would be our beard oil or manly handmade soaps.

Order now from Greenaby and we offer same-day/next-day delivery services in the greater Vancouver area.