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For the one who has always been there…

This #FathersDay, let‘s not forget the one who always shows up for us.

From the first recital to the last heartbreak and every ball practice in between. Through thin and thick, he stands by our side quietly (or sometimes obnoxiously too loud).

He taught us the importance of a firm handshake. To act with dignity and respect. To be patient, especially behind the wheel. And to never NEVER leave the spoon in the microwave. He repeats stories that feel longer than How I Met Your Mother with a humor that’s no better than Ted’s.  We were grounded, yelled at and loved by a man whose many life advice we don’t always care to listen to.

Well Dad, we heard you, and we thank you. Thank you for always showing up…

But sometimes unshaven …


Greenaby shaving kit


“Sure! I love the chemical smell of shaving creams fiddling with flesh-cutting razors and aftershaves that irritate my skin!” – said no one ever. Make Dad’s routine more enjoyable with this Shaving kit from Greenaby. Handmade shaving soap with all natural ingredients: Castor and coconut oil, Fair trade shea butter, olive oil, hemp oil, avocado oil and Kaolin clay. The kit also include a natural bristle brush, and pine tray to make your soap last!   (www.greenaby.ca)

Turn that morning frown upside down Dad!

Maybe a little late …


go to mec

Surely this is not just a watch that keeps time. It’s also a little ‘nudge’ to say “Hey Dad! Remember that New Year’s resolution you made?” This running watch from MEC will have all the bells and whistles to crush excuses before they even enter his mind. He’ll want to go for a run just to try it out.

  • Stopwatch with elapsed time, lap time, and split time. Memory capacity for up to 121 records.
  • Best lap time screen.
  • 2 countdown timers allow for interval training that alternates between 2 different paces.
  • Auto-repeat function for timer (timer-to-timer, 10 repeats).
  • 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm. (for those mornings…)
  • Hourly time signal (So he’ll never be late!)

Let’s toast to a year of “no more excuses”   (www.mec.ca)

Sometimes hungry …

Saul goods

The Locavore from Saul Good features a mix of the best of treats, savory and sweet handpicked by BC locals. Why not show Dad how the artisan delicacies can indeed be better than those hot wings. Get creative with Fig & Walnut Wine Preserve for a fun cooking session with Dad.  (www.itsaulgood.com)

Always Loved…


Why not throw in some chocolate for good measure. Especially when Bourbon Whiskey Truffles from Purdy’s can guarantee to add a kick to any celebration. (www.purdys.com)

Happy Father’s Day! Be sure to share your stories with us at @zipmentsCA

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